15 Best Clearest Water Beaches in Florida – Travel Tips

In Florida, the sun shines an average of 320 days out of the year. The warm climate and the turquoise waters lend themselves to some of the most relaxing vacations one can have. But where are the best Clearest Water beaches in Florida? The truth is, there are many. Here we have compiled a list of the top 15 beaches in Florida.

If you’re planning on visiting the Sunshine State and want to find the clearest water, look no further. We’ve done the research so you can relax, knowing where to go. The best-kept secret just became your new favorite beach destination.

Florida is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world — a fact that has attracted millions of tourists. With over 700 miles of coastline, it can be hard to decide which beach to visit.

Florida is known for its beaches but the state has even more to offer! When it comes to water quality, Florida leads the nation. There are countless springs, waterfalls, and other watering holes that boast crystal clear waters. There’s nothing like relaxing in a natural spring or taking a cool dip in a crystal clear river.

Best Clearest Water Beaches in Florida – Full Travel Guide

Best Clearest Water Beaches in Florida

So, why is the water so clear in Florida? Wave velocity and wind. Sediment runoff. Rainfall amounts. There are a multitude of factors that affect the water clarity in any given location. However, in Florida, these variables are minimized thanks to the Gulf Stream current that passes the state on its way north and the lack of heavy rain fall. These two factors make it possible for the waters to remain consistently clear.

When it comes to clear water beaches, timing is everything. It’s not just about the quality of the water; while some of this may be determined by tidal patterns, time of year also plays a significant role in determining whether or not a beach has clear water.

Spring and fall are the best times to visit if you’re looking for pristine beach conditions, as ocean currents tend to be stronger during these months and carry fewer impurities along with them.

While many people come to enjoy the beaches in Florida for it’s pristine water, the water is often times not like that. After storms and hurricanes, the water gets churned up, leaving the lowest levels of water without much oxygen. This makes it hard to see through the water even with Scuba gear. It often takes a few days for this to settle back to its beautiful clarity.

If you’re traveling to Florida and want to find the best beaches with clear water, this is the guide for you. Here you’ll see a little taste of paradise while learning more about the state’s favorite sandy spots and what they have to offer.

1. Destin


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Destin, Florida is the best vacation destination in the United States. Located on the Emerald Coast, it is one of the country’s most celebrated beach getaways — made world famous by its unspoiled beaches and crystal-clear waters.

The quartz sand, or sugary sand as locals like to call it (after its sugary taste), adds a softness to the 2-3′ waves that roll across the shore daily. The Choctawhatchee Bay stretches out behind Destin and acts as a natural filtration system that pulls in darker sediment and leaves clear waters atop the beach.

This phenomenon draws tourists from around the world to see this amazing natural wonder.

2. Panama City Beach


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Panama City Beach is better known as the quieter beach town just east of Destin, and it has become a popular choice for families or those looking to enjoy a serene night under the stars.

This place used to be famous for awesome spring break vacations but now it’s just a beach town. The water isn’t as clear here because it’s further away from the bay.

hile not quite as pristine as Destin, Panama City Beach has a long stretch of gorgeous beaches lined with plush resorts and award-winning restaurants — it’s a place where you can really get away from it all!

3. Rosemary Beach


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Whether you’re a seasoned beachgoer or a first-time tourist, Rosemary Beach is a dream come true. With pristine waters and soft, white sand, this beach is the perfect place to relax, unwind — and let loose!

This family-friendly beach boasts clear waters, soft sand, and a wide array of fun attractions for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re visiting the area with friends and family or simply looking for a weekend getaway, this coastal city has everything you need for the ultimate beach escape.

4. Santa Rosa


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Santa Rosa Beach is a smaller, more laid-back beach community than Destin, but it still provides all of the same beautiful beach views and waters. Known for its sunny weather and calm surf conditions, Santa Rosa Beach is a popular destination for families and couples looking to relax on the beach.

It’s the ideal place for a family vacation, especially with its 12 miles of surfable waters and the crystal clear water that makes up this beautiful Gulf Coast tropical paradise.

5. Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a vibrant beach community just south of Sarasota that is both family friendly and populated by an abundance of fun attractions.

The color and clarity of the water vary in accordance with wind, tide, and various other factors — but thanks to the filtering bay behind the island, it’s typically pretty see-through.

Visitors can kick back and enjoy excellent restaurants, local bars, and a variety of activities.

Anna Maria Island is a classic beach community that caters to families and young professionals, who are attracted to the quaint setting and beautiful waters that are famous throughout the region.

6. Siesta Key


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Siesta Key is another beloved beach destination on the Gulf coast. It’s an especially good choice if you’re searching for a social scene with plenty of nightlife and eating options.

For young people and families alike, this tourist spot is best known for its white sand — and the blue water is just as pristine.

Aptly named for its ideal setting, the resort town of Siesta Key nestles in a tropical environment with crystal-clear waters and golden sands — truly an immaculate gem.

7. Boca Grande


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The Boca Grande island is a private and pristine barrier island off the southwest coast of Florida. Its white-sand beaches, natural beauty, and warm climate attract thousands of visitors every year. There are some things that are unique to the island that you should check out while visiting:

Go to The Crossings or down to Sombrero Beach to swim in an unspoiled environment. Walk around the island to explore its natural beauty.

With giant trees lining many of the streets, anyone can feel safe on this quiet island. And the water is a sight to see — it’s crystal clear, inviting bathers of all ages.

8. Longboat Key

Looking for a place that has it all? Longboat Key is the perfect place to vacation. Just a short drive down the road from Anna Maria Island and Bradenton Beach, Longboat Key is full of family-friendly activities, great resorts, stores, and restaurants you’ll love.

Longboat Key is the tropical paradise you’ve always wanted, minus the luxurious crowds and loud beach.

With its white glistening sand and see-through green water, this Florida beach is known for its pristine bay views. On the opposite side of the island, you’ll find a much darker bay that holds the sediments in place.

9. Jupiter

Jupiter is the closest town to the coast, which makes it the warmest! The town averages a comfortable 78 degrees year-round, while Fort Myers and Naples average around 71 degrees. But, because it’s just a little further north of the equator, it has slightly longer days during the summer. Just think of that extra hour in the afternoon to enjoy all of Jupiter’s fine sights and attractions.

The beach and the climate give Jupiter a unique touch that you can’t find anywhere else on the planet. Apart from the beautiful white sands, you can also look around for sea turtles and dolphins as you sunbathe.

Jupiter is a great place to enjoy water sports such as stand-up paddleboarding, surfing, and snorkeling. Jupiter’s golden beaches and clear waters are perfect for all sorts of aquatic activities — especially when you’re looking for a change from swimming in head-to-toe sunscreen.

10. Singer Island

Singer Island’s Ocean Reef Park is its most popular public beach. Its cozy setting allows you to swim in the warm, crystal-clear waters of the ocean or just relax on the white sand.

Surrounded by upscale resorts and hotels, Ocean Reef Park makes for a great summer vacation spot. And if you know how to fish, there are tons of local spots with exotic fish for you to catch.

It has gorgeous outdoor scenery, lots to eat, a boardwalk for shopping, one of the biggest fitness centers in the country and the largest oceanarium in the southeast.

11. Palm Beach

If you’ve ever seen the movie Somewhere in Time, then Palm Beach, FL probably looks familiar; it’s the same location. If you love being in a place where you can feel and smell tropical fruit from all around the world, you can relax with a book at one of their many libraries or enjoy an on-the-beach picnic with your friends.

Just one of the many reasons why Palm Beach is a vacation hotspot. It has beautiful white sand beaches, clear blue water, and plenty of places to stay that are nestled within the tropical palm trees.

Curvy roads, tropical foliage, and white sand beaches – there isn’t much else you can ask for on your tropical adventure!

12. Delray Beach

Delray Beach has small-town charm with the energy of a big city. This South Florida seaside escape is a thriving beach community that rings in the New Year with an extravagant fireworks display that rivals any other in the world.

But don’t be fooled by its size – this charming town boasts some of the best restaurants, shopping and nightlife in the state.

Delray Beach has the perfect mix of small town vibe and big city amenities, from its seaside location to its eclectic nightlife to its top-tier restaurants. It’s a great place for visitors to relax on the beach, or take a boat out onto the open ocean and fish.

13. Key West

Key West is truly a unique beach city. It’s built on coral reefs, so the waters are always beautiful and clear, but never quite as clear as other beaches around the world.

If you really want to get a taste of how clear Key West’s waters are, head to Smathers Beach, the most popular beach in Key West.

There’s even an entire national park dedicated to protecting the many shores found around the Florida Keys. While coral can be used to both protect and enhance a beach, it can also make waters appear less clear than you might expect from a beach in the Keys.

14. Miami


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Miami is the perfect place for tourists, who can explore the city’s streets and landmarks, as well as its surrounding natural areas. Those looking to relax in their downtime will have plenty of opportunities, from laid-back beach days to sunbathing on pristine white sand.

The ocean tides in Miami are also impressive, with similar effects seen at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia — only Miami tends to have clearer water.

The water is so clear that you can see all of the marine life playing around in the shallows.

15. New Smyrna Beach

New Smyrna Beach, Florida — The city with nothing to lose and everything to gain. As a vacation paradise for tourists across the world, it rivals the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea on its own shores. With crystal clear waters and white sands that stretch for miles, New Smyrna Beach is like no other beach in the United States.

You can drive your car on the beach and pick your favorite spot.


Now that you know where to find the clearest water on Florida beaches, you can pick the best vacation spot for a relaxing getaway. The best spots for swimming and snorkeling are often also home to wildlife, so make sure you enjoy your time in the water.

Florida’s beaches are second to none. Visitors can explore the Sunshine State’s many miles of shoreline, which includes some of the most pristine beaches along the eastern seaboard — some with water so clear that you can see straight to the bottom, while others boast the whitest sands you’ll ever lay your toes on.

Florida has it all, from theme-parks to natural springs, from famous beaches to pristine beaches. Instead of going south of the border or far out of the country, you can stay right here in the states and vacation at one of Florida’s best beaches.

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